Age: – 40

Place of Birth: St Hilaire du Harcouet, France

Nationality: French  (New Zealand Permanent Resident)

Favorite Player: Zidane, Laurent Blanc since we play at the same position 

Favorite Coach: Joseph Guardiola 

Favorite Team: France National Team, Stade Malherbe de Caen

History as a Player: Jeremie Currently Plays for East Coast Bays He played for AS Romagny and AS Mortain in France and in New Zealand Jeremie Played for AFC Manurewa, Three Kings United and East Coast Bays. Jeremie is at his best as a Center Back or Sweeper. 

History of coaching: 

Jeremie has been working for a lot of football clubs and organisations throughout Auckland. He really enjoys delivering the Football for Children programme at the Schools and loves the dynamic team. He adopted a new coaching approach and believes that if everyone works together without any ego we can Accomplish the most as players and as coaches.